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What is a Dyson Sphere?

The sun releases energy equivalent to 384.6 yotta watts per second, of which only 1360 watts reaches Earth. What if we could harness all of its energy?

Dyson Sphere, as proposed by Freeman Dyson in 1960, is a hypothetical megastructure surrounding the Sun designed to capture every iota of its light and convert it into useful energy. He imagined a technologically advanced race in the universe who would've built a similar structure around their star to fulfill their escalating energy needs and that tracing such structures in the universe would eventually lead us to them.

Dyson envisioned a solid shell that completely enclosed the sun to soak up all the energy. But there's no known material to bear all the space radiation. And every meteor shower would push a part of the sphere towards the star making it unstable.

A more realistic model is the Dyson Swarm which consists of thousands of small mirrors or solar panels orbiting around the Sun. The energy collected by the solar panels would be transmitted wirelessly to Earth, where it would be intercepted and used.

This can only be built by a Type II Civilization who've reached the technological advancements required for the same. Currently we are a 0.73 on the Kardashev scale of Civilization and it'll take us about 100-200 years to become a Type I Civilization if we increase our energy consumption at an average rate of 3% per year



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