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Terzo Millennio: World's only self healing car

Lamborghini's Terzo Millennio, meaning Third Millennium, is a car from the distant future. Along with engineers at MIT, Lamborghini designed this car which can heal itself.

The entire car is covered with sensors which examine its health to detect any damages. If any cracks are found, it repairs them by filling the fissures with special nanotubes and prevents the cracks from spreading.

The visionary car is all electric and uses super-capacitors instead of the conventional batteries as they can be charged faster and store more energy. The supercapacitors are made from light weight carbon fibre which can be integrated into the car's body panel. So the whole car itself can act as a battery.

The Terzo Millennio doesn't have a conventional engine too! Instead each wheel has its own electric engine which helps in controlling the torque for each of the wheels individually, making it an all wheel car.



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