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Stop feeding Parle-G to your strays

Every now and then people are seen feeding Parle-G to stray dogs thinking “they enjoy” having Parle-G. But this actually puts their health in danger.

Yes, dogs do need sugars for energy and for carrying out their bodily functions. Small amounts of natural sugars like those present in grains do no harm to them. But added sugars are NOT good. And Parle-G is a very well known biscuit with extremely high sugar content making it NOT fit for dogs.

The risks associated with high blood sugar in dogs include: diabetes, hyperactivity followed by depression, agitation, dental problems, weight gain, and kidney infection. Since 2011 diabetes diagnosis in dogs has increased by 32%. Is it be because of the biscuits with high sugar content they’re being continuously fed? Surely, it could be one of the major reasons!

Other two very important foods that you should NEVER feed your dogs are xylitol and chocolate. Xylitol is found in candies, low/no sugar baked goods, gums, diet foods and if consumed by dogs, it can cause the dog’s blood sugar to increase leading to liver failure. Chocolates can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs, and in severe cases seizures, tremors, heart problems and even death. Darker the chocolate, higher the risks because of theobromine.

Here’s what you can feed them instead: wheat roti, rice, boiled eggs/chicken, milk, dog foods like pedigree, dog biscuits or biscuits with less sugar content like marie.



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