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Center of the Universe - An acoustic oddity with a mysterious cause

The so-called centre of the universe in downtown, Tulsa is marked by a small concrete circle of bricks. It's not much to look at, but looking isn't really the point!

Additionally, if you try talking with a person while standing outside the concrete circle, the voice heard will be distorted and unclear. This mysterious acoustic anomaly was created in the 1980s when engineers rebuild a part of the bridge after a raging fire. Many people came up with various fascinating theories. One of them is that the distortion of sound is the outcome of parabolic reflectivity of the circular planet walls that partly enclose the circle. Some people believe it as a vortex where all the cosmic energies collide or the ghosts from a parallel universe. If you drop a pin inside that circle you might expect merely a 'clink' sound. However, what you might hear is a loud bang!

However, until now there has been no definitive explanation of what's causing the occurrence.


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